Compass Royalty Management

Compass Royalty Management

Managing over 150,000 Oil & Gas Interests on over 7,000,000 acres.

Corporate Office, Dallas TX

Corporate Office, Dallas TX

Managing assets in 30 states

Managing assets in 30 states

New York to California, North Dakota to Texas, CRM manages minerals throughout the U.S.

Auditing production

Auditing production

From the field to your check.

Compass Royalty Management

Compass Royalty Management

Americas largest oil & gas royalty manager.



On March 18, 2020, Compass Royalty Management’s (Compass) staff began working offsite on the quarantine directive of the U.S. Government due to the COVID-19 virus, and continued to work remotely through the summer months to ensure the health and wellbeing of all employees.  During this time Compass’ staff remained available to you by phone and e-mail.  We have greatly appreciated your understanding and support during these unprecedented times.


We’re pleased to let you know that the staff has returned to the office.  In addition to continuing to be available to you directly, we again have access to unique documents and files which may not have been accessible to us and to you during those critical months.


Though we have resumed working in our office, note that we are fully committed to practicing safe social distancing and other federal, state and local recommendations.  Additionally, Compass will continue monitoring and tracking, on a daily basis, key pandemic data including the number of new COVID-19 cases in the area, hospitalizations due to COVID-19, and the positivity rate. 


If circumstances require Compass enhancing its safety measures and returning to remote work, we will notify you immediately.


As always, we encourage you to utilize this website for all of your account needs, including royalty payment history, statements, tax documents, and our library of forms for any changes you need to make.


Where do you want to go?

K1 Forms

Form 1099

Best In Class Oil & Gas Mineral Estate Management

Oil and Gas royalties have long time been referred to as "mailbox" money.











However, there is more to Mineral Estate Management than checking the mail.

Receiving checks from operators is only the beginning of proper management of your mineral estate. 

  • Production needs to be audited to ensure proper payment.

  • Division Orders for new wells need to be handled in a timely manner.

  • Income and Ad valorem taxes need to be paid in each state the estate has interests.

  • Revenue details are entered into Compass Royalty Managements computers for historical data on your assets.

  • Revenue is distributed monthly via check or ACH.

  • Other services can be added for required reporting for Institutions and Universities.

Oil and Gas Royalty Management for Individuals


For Family Offices, Royalty Asset Management can be a challenge.


Managing and tracking your royalty assets can be a full-time job. Effective day-to-day oversight of your property portfolio calls for skilled accountants, land experts, title and recording specialists and tax professionals that know the ins and outs of mineral management.  


Compass Royalty Management has over 50 professionals in 7 core departments that handle all aspects of Mineral Estate management.  Isn't it time to see how Compass Royalty Management can help save you time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Oil and Gas Royalty Management for Institutions

Why Compass Royalty Management?


Oil and Gas mineral management is our only business.  As one of the largest mineral estate managers in America, we understand the resources it takes to properly manage income producing mineral assets.  Compass Royalty Management adds value by assuming the tedious task of managing your assets, making your experience one of cashing checks and providing detailed reporting required by todays' strict regulations. 


Best in Class, Oil and Gas Management Solutions & Value-Added Services


With over 150,000 interests under management, we've perfected the royalty management process. Using our best in class web-based oil and gas royalty management system coupled with over 50 dedicated oil & gas professionals Compass Royalty Management can handle all aspects of managing your mineral estate.


Benefits of Automating & Outsourcing


  • Eliminating the need for internal staff to manage income and well reconciliation.

  • Detailed online reporting that shows spot pricing and ROI as well as detailed statement comments.

  • Additional services like revenue recovery, escheated funds search and others are available.


Real-Time Support & Reporting


Compass Royalty Management offers first class support as we delve into the management of our clients' mineral assets. Our client relations department strives to promptly answer questions of todays fast moving, Institution and University portfolio manager needs.


Every Mineral Estate is different.


Compass Royalty Management handles mineral estates of all sizes, but every estate is different.  Contact our team to review your mineral estate needs.  Our staff can help you by calling toll-free: (877)769-1121